Just Contact Us if you want to register as a Member. Please note that while we maintain membership details on a computer we will never provide these details to anyone else. It is free to join, but as a charitable trust we are dependent on donations.

Donations to the trust are paid into a bank account in the name of the charity and operated by the trustees. The account will be used for expenditure relating to the administration of the trust, to fund its educational events, and to help conserve and promote Thornborough's archaeology.

The Thornborough Heritage Trust was created in January 2012 as a charitable trust with the following aims:

(1) to promote the conservation, preservation and protection of the Thornborough henges and other archaeological and historical sites in North Yorkshire, including their landscape setting, for the benefit of the public.

(2) to advance the education of the public and to raise and encourage public awareness, knowledge and understanding of the significance, value and importance of the Thornborough henges and other archaeological and historical sites.

The trust currently has three trustees - Jan Harding, Patrick Henry and Wendy Orme. All three have a long history of involvement with Thornborough's remarkable archaeology and landscape. The powers and responsibilities of the trustees are established in the Deed of Trust, and include the ability to delegate to sub-groups with specific roles and expertise. All future trustees must be appointed with regard to the skills, knowledge and experience needed for the effective administration of a charity.

The three trustees are members of a Management Committee, which also consists of Lynn Cartwright, Dick Lonsdale, Susan Monk, Oliver Robinson and Margaret Smith. Each member possesses distinctive expertise and experience which aids the trust's development. It formally meets at least four times a year.

Both the Trustees and the Management Committee believe the trust should benefit as many people as possible. Trust Membership is open and free to all.

Trust Members are encouraged to play an active role and will be consulted about the organisation's development. Membership entitles them to participate in events like archaeological tours, talks and artefact-handling workshops. Further details of our programme of events can be found at Events and Projects.

The trust is affiliated with CBA Yorkshire (http://www.cba-yorkshire.org.uk/home)

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